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Less than half a year ago this started on .mac as a Lomo inspired blog – using the basic plastic cameras from Lomography to get back into film photography.

This didn’t last very long at all though – maybe a couple of months – before the larger world of medium format beckoned and a 1951 Rolleiflex F was added to the small stable of plastic cameras.

This changed my outlook on photography – as not only did the camera work well and so much better than the expensive plastic from Lomo; but the images I was able to take were better than I had managed for years on any digital or the Lomo cameras.

I have to thank Lomo and specifically Ian for making me interested in photography again and ebay for opening up a world of cheap old film cameras available to me; as now I find myself using a range of cameras from 20 years old to the 60 year old Rolleiflex that come from Japan, Germany and the Former Soviet Union as well as an 80’s folding medium format Hongmei hg-1 from Shanghai.

Over the last couple of months I have found my blogging feet by using and have used it to house three concurrent blogs on my film work, digital harinezumi and one of a collection of other peoples images. This has been a great learning experience for me and I have followed and been followed by loads of people; from those also into film photography through to people into paganism or world domination.

The experience of using has demonstrated to me that within the net – everyone is relatively anonymous and equal when it comes to blogging.

There is a surprisingly large amount of respect between people who share on line and so as has proved to be somewhat restricting in what you can use it for; in the same way that .mac was before it;  I now find myself moving to a new home at wordpress where I am seriously intimidated by the amount that this format allows.

In the handover from Tumblr to wordpress I will keep posting identical work onto both sites but this will become the sole site for me in the very near future.

Unlike Tumblr; I will not separate my blogs into three and will use this a a place to put my film work, digital work and images that I want to share from others.

Fingers crossed that with the change of address I don’t loose friends on the way.

Posted by simon on August 7, 2010

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