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Glass vs Plastic

Looking for something to post, I came across two sets of images of the same part of a building but taken with really different cameras on similar sunny days.

The B/W images are from a 100ASA film in a 80’s folding medium format camera from China called the Hongmei hg-1. This is a really simple and incredibly basic camera that seems to have an incredibly crisp and contrasty lens.

The colour images are using a Japanese plastic lens camera called a ToLNe that doesn’t have any settings to worry about – just a shutter button on the front and a winder.

The colour images are using a 400ASA cheap Kodak Ultra film that is super grainy but this is exaggerated  by the plastic lens and it’s ability to flare everything and make the buildings almost look like a photo realistic painting.

I’m not looking to make a judgement between glass and plastic as I think both are valid. Too many photographers seem to subscribe to the Leica school of photography of – if it’s not perfect as a image then it really isn’t photography – where as I think that all forms of photography can have something good about them.

The only real issue is that if you take a bad picture – it won’t matter what you use – it is always going to be a bad picture.

Posted by simon on August 10, 2010

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