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Still an Impossible Project

So first came the First Flush/Silver Shade that is so time and temperature sensitive that you need to use box after box of film to get one image.

Then the First Flush/Colour Shade – that has all of the problems of the FF/SS but also blurs as it comes out of the camera making 9 out of 10 images less sharp than they should be – and how long are you meant to let this develop before you get anything approaching colour anyway???

And finally the Silver Shade – which has the temperature issue solved and is apparently much more stable. However, change the camera settings however you want and it still comes out orange.

So maybe I just don’t have the touch for these films or the right artistic temperament – or perhaps they just aren’t any good yet.

I guess that might be why the older Polaroids like the 180 that take Fuji FP film are getting used more as the Land Camera for the SX70 remain a rather impossible project.

Posted by simon on August 13, 2010

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