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Lola starts her school year

Lola is only three and so this isn’t real school yet – but it is a change from 3 mornings a week with her mum to five days a week on her own.

Posted by simon on August 30, 2010
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  1. 08/30/2010

    Gorgeous grand daughter

  2. 09/2/2010

    Stumbled upon your blog post via live search the other day and absolutely adore it. Continue the good work.

    • 09/2/2010

      Thanks Adam – glad it is getting seen as I never quite know how to get it advertised

  3. 09/19/2010

    Wow,so niceeee!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. 09/15/2015

    Which camera and film did you use for these last few? I’m thinking of investing in a good film camera which can capture my favourite moments and make them look as vivid as my eye sees them to be. I really like the look of the last three so that would be great if you could pass on that info for me 🙂 – also, great blog, just what I was looking for as an example for my one I’m attempting at. Already thanks for your answer and the great inspiration to learn more about film photography!

    • 09/15/2015

      The film and camera are at the bottom of the post and so the film is a cheap expired bottom of the range 200 film from Kodak and the camera is an old Leica mini (which was their attempt at a point and shoot).

      I wouldn’t recommend either camera or film – you can see how granular the images are on the 200 and also how flat the colour is – even with a full wall of windows behind me.

      I think there are great films out there and better cameras – depending on how much weight you want to carry around.

      • 09/20/2015

        Thank you so much, I’ll keep searching. Any all time favourites you would recommend? thank you again 🙂

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