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I don’t think there is another way of describing my obsession – but these are my rag-tag babies.

(Back Row from L to R – Fuji GW690II, LC-A+ with instant back, Kiev 60 with 3.5/65, Dignette 300 (only works on f22 after I tried to rebuild a broken lens), Gakkenflex TLR made from kit and Rolleiflex 3.5F)

(Second row L to R – Lubitel 166+ TLR, Hongmei hg-1 Folding MF, Kiev 4AM, KMZ Horizont panoramic, Minolta X300 (my wife’s old SLR) and Holga CFN 120)

(Third Row L to R – Polaroid 1000, Superheadz Wide, Fuji Natura Classica)

(Fourth row L to R – Olympus mju, Voightlander Bessa L with 15mm Heliar, Mamiya MSX1000)

(Front row L to R – Leica mini II, Smena 8M and Superheadz Golden Half)

The majority are secondhand old cameras from ebay for next to nothing and there are a few plastic new copy cameras.

Am in the lounge in Sri Lanka airport, waiting for the flight at 2am back to HK and my family. Took a few pics here but as the trip was fairly hectic I didn’t get much time. Will try to get some developed before I fly next Monday night to Paris for two days.

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Posted by simon on September 10, 2010
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  1. 09/10/2010

    wow. nice article.


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