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To Cross or not To Cross

These days the use of slide film seems to be on the rise but not processed in the correct chemicals (E6) but in those used for normal colour film (C41) to Cross Process the film and get different colour effects.

There are a couple of pluses to this trend – slide film costs more to process E6 than C41 and so it saves you money and also you get some great images from the colour shift.

On the downside however, slide film when processed E6 tends to give better colours and image definition than any C41 film and each slide film has it’s own very clearly defined character.

Below are a few examples of the slide film processed E6 and then Cross Processed to show that these films; when processed as intended; get great image/colour quality and also Crossed to get beautiful colour shift and blown out definition.

The first and probably my favourite slide film is Kodaks E100VS – which is a vivid colour film that I use in 120 only. This film always shifts blue/green and normally goes approximately one stop darker. Generally in bright conditions the definition blows – but this can happen when processed E6 too.

Rolleiflex 3.5F – B Setting for a count of 10 – Crossed.

Holga CFN – B Setting for a count of 25 ish – Crossed.

Hongmei-hg1 – B setting for the count of 20 on f4 – Crossed.

Kiev 60 – Mir 65/3.5 – Crossed.

The next three are all with a Lubitel 166  earlier this year in South Africa without a meter. All of these were processed E6 and even so you can see the blown out effect of slide film with too much light. I used Sunny 16 is the way to estimate the correct settings – but as the light was so good I guess there needs to be a South African Sunny 16 that perhaps is Sunny 22.

My second choice of slide film is the Fuji Provia in 100F and 400X. F means fine grain for the 100 ASA film and I guess the X means xtravagantly grainy for the 400 – beacuse in low light situations and crossed the film becomes the grainiest you will find. Lots of green in this film when crossed and a real vintage colour shift as can be seen in the first and last of the images.

Lubitel 166 with Provia 100F – Crossed

Leica mini II with Provia 100F – Crossed.

Smena 8M with Provia 400X – crossed and doubled.

Rollei B35 – Provia 100F Crossed showing the vintage look of this film.

I don’t use this film as E6 as I find Kodak E100VS does everything the Provia 100F can do but I guess it is something that I should try out at some time to see how it performs.

The films that I love in both E6 and C41 are both the Kodak and Fuji 64T – tungsten films made for indoor lighting situations, but used outside and E6 goes beautifully blue. Crossed goes very dark and all shades of blue.

Hongmei-hg1 64T Crossed

Mamiya MSX1000 1.7/55 64T Crossed showing the way the grain comes out.

Fuji Natura Classica – Kodak 64T – not crossed and with all the blue you should see out of indoor lighting.

One of the most common films to cross in 135 these days seems to be the quite cheap Elite Chrome from Kodak. Again this is not a film I use as E6 and so all of the images are crossed.

Kiev 4AM with crossed Elitechrome.

Mamiya MSX1000 – Elitechrome Crossed.

Films that tend to go red when crossed include the Fuji Velvia and Astia – if you like a red image then these are your films but they aren’t for everyone.

LC-A+ with crossed Velvia 100.

Astia crossed in the massive 6×9 MF GW690II.

I guess the whole point of the article was to examine for me what I am doing with slide film at the moment and to look at some of the choices available these days.

This is not an exhaustive list of slide film but these are some of the highlights I have found so far in re-looking at film.

Posted by simon on September 13, 2010
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