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Kiev 88

The lens is from my Kiev 60 and is a 3.5/65. The body came with two cartridges which are for 6×6 and 6×4.5 and a WLF. They have serial numbers from the late 70’s to mid 80’s with the insides and outsides of the cartridges being from different years.

The setting of the spacing on the cartridge is not as simple as you would assume either as if you don’t have the body cocked, the cartridge number reset properly and the film starting in the right place you will get versions of this;

But if you get it all working right you get something more like this;

Posted by simon on September 14, 2010
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  1. 09/15/2010

    Hi, just wanted to (finally) drop you a line and say how much I enjoy your blog. I have been trying to get my photo blog going properly for a while now after a few false starts, and having stumbled upon your blog I have at last managed to get it going. So thank you for the inspiration, you have some amazing images.

    All the best

    • 09/15/2010

      Alex, thanks for the comments. The blog thing for me is only a few months old as I started with mac blogs in Feb of this year, then tumblr and finally have found a much better format with wordpress. I’ll have a look at your blog too as it is so good to see other peoples photos and journeys in photography. Cheers, Simon


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