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Paris in 48 hours

I arrived in Paris on Tuesday morning from HK to go to Premier Vision (a fabric show for work) and as it is really busy at this time of year in Paris and I booked very last minute – this is where I ended up staying…..a fabulous airport hotel with the dirtiest windows in history.

Thankfully the windows were triple glazed as you couldn’t hear a thing from inside the hotel.

Tuesday I went straight to the show and then was in bed asleep by 8pm, due to the time difference and the 12 hour flight from HK.

Wednesday morning was back to look at more fabric and then a quick scoot into Paris for a quick look around from the Pompidou Centre;

A sampling of cafe culture;

A walk from the river, back to the Gare de Nord;

And then back to the CDG Airport for the night flight back to HK;

All of these quick snaps were taken with the Digital Harinezumi 2 and the better and more thought out images will get developed next week from the Mamiya MSX1000 and my Voightlander Bessa L.

Posted by simon on September 16, 2010

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