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The Stairs

I’m a big fan of the arts – all types in general – but there are some that don’t make me feel as much as I think I should.

The biggest area of art that leaves me a little cold, is the video of the performance artist.

Yesterday after work in Paris, I popped to the George Pompidou Centre for a quick look before flying back to Hong Kong and found myself at the end of the hall in a room surrounded by silent videos of various subjects.

One was a woman continuously climbing over a chair, another was a different woman holding a chicken up by the legs and so on.

All are filmed in really low quality and generally in black and white with either no sound or just the natural sound of the scene.

Due to the age of some of the video I guess it was originally in Super 8 or similar film stock – which accounts for the quality and sound issue.

These videos often leave me asking why spend the time and considerable effort producing these videos or the actual performances themselves – there really must be some merit to doing the performance that I just am missing.

I am sure it has loads to do with immersion in the process and involvement with the creation of the performance.

So, in order to help me answer the question for myself – I decided to use my crappy little Harinezumi to make my own homage to the silent performances of the 70’s.

As I wanted people to watch the video through to the end to fully experience my message; I have overlaid some music to make it more 2010. Enjoy ‘The Stairs’ – both enacted and filmed by me.

This particular piece was edited at 33,000 ft whilst on the plane to Hong Kong and so as well as the images being about the journey, the editing was also during a journey from one place and time to another.

Posted by simon on September 17, 2010

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