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Projects 1, 2, 3 and 4.

I have been thinking what to do with my photography obsession apart from taking pictures of my family (which is a given) and have a few ideas that fit with the work/travel schedule I seem to have these days.

These following pictures are all from Colombo, Sri Lanka last week and were all taken on my Kiev 88 with Tri-X 400 or on my Voightlander with a 15mm lens.

1. Views from an Hotel Room.

My thinking here is that as I travel around from hotel room to hotel room – I will document their respective views. These of Colombo looking south from the Cinnamon Grand show the urban sprawl and complete lack of any urban planning.

2. Views from a car.

There is always something interesting to take from the car – whether it is the new road in Colombo on the edge of the sea (did the Tsunami not teach us anything?) or unpainted temples on the way into the city.

3. Inside a Hotel

This is an easy one as hotels tend to have extremes of design in their interiors. Everything is a larger than life version and in some cases these are frighteningly large.

In the Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombo (used to be the Oberoi ten years ago) there are some of the largest and scariest lights you will ever see. Each one hangs down in an atrium that is about 10 floors high.

In the same hotel you have a wing that again has the deep central atrium that seems to have used classic prison design for its’ inspiration.

4. Views travelling to an Airport.

Generally flights from anywhere happen in the middle of the night (then you get a full day at work and get to sleep in a tiny seat at the back of the plane – yeah) and so with time to kill last week before my flight left at 3am, I tried to find flat ground to take some pictures of places like the Galle Face Hotel (est 1864) or the view towards the WTC and surrounding hotels.

As my photography skills do not extend to the proper use of a flash and because I was taking pictures of a large bull elephant that lives in this city centre Temple – this is a fairly blurred and blown out crossed picture taken at night on the same journey to the Airport.

Posted by simon on October 12, 2010
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  1. 10/13/2010

    This is really interesting. I was looking through all my photos the other day and decided I needed to do more sets or something, less just taking random photos. You have some really beautiful shots here. I can’t wait to see some more.

  2. 10/13/2010


  3. 10/14/2010

    Really like your Kiev88 pics mmm, need one Kiev as well…

    • 10/14/2010

      Thanks for the comments. I agree with you that with two children it get’s tougher to work and spend time with the family and still develop and scan.
      But it is the most cost effective and enjoyable way to take photos. and the 88 and the 60 are great cameras with stunning lenses for relatively little money


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