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Having been in Shanghai for a couple of days and not having been able to get wordpress to open at all – I thought it was another blocked site. My microblog using Tumblr is blocked here as is all Tumblr – but then Flickr isn’t and the content is as questionable on both sites.

Anyway, the weather in Shanghai is thankfully much cooler (almost autumnal) than Hong Kong with very low humidity; which has been really pleasant – and best of all I am flying back home this evening and get to spend the rest of the week at home before I fly to Sri Lanka on Sunday night for the week.

I have a bunch of film from last weekend and this week to process later this week and scan anything interesting. I have a feeling that there will be some questionable shots as Lola taught herself how to pick up my Mamiya, forward the shutter lever and then look through the view finder and press the shutter. This is formidable work for a three year old and was fantastic to see her doing this. Unfortunately, with a fully manual camera, there is the question of aperture, shutter speed and focus which will add something artistic to Lola’s work.

Posted by simon on October 20, 2010

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