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Back Home in time for the Super Typhoon

So HK has not really been hit by a typhoon for a long time time – years in fact – as they always make sure they destroy half of the Philippines and then go straight into China, just glancing the side of HK with a little rain.

That may all change this weekend as Super Typhoon Meri is destined to make more of an impact. Thankfully I flew home last night as Friday flights may not happen for the rest of my team who are still in Shanghai for the rest of the week.

Potentially having Friday off because of the weather means that I can finally develop the films from last weekend and this week in Shanghai and try a new developing trick I have been told to use on Ilford HP5.

Until something new comes up I will post old and obscure photos.

Posted by simon on October 21, 2010
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  1. 10/22/2010

    Oohh what is the trick? I have a roll of that to develop and I’m looking to try and make it better.

    • 10/22/2010

      As it is so hot here and tap water is around 25 degrees – I was told to use ice to cool the developer to 18 degrees as it will be 20 more or less when it hits the tank. Then develop for 8 mins. – unfortunately the pictures are terrible and I’ll host the best ones today.


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