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Although I have only developed a dozen or so films over the last couple of week, I must admit to being increasingly confused over the amount of differing information there is both on the web and from people I talk to about processing.

Everyone seems to have a fool proof method that is always slightly different from anyone else’s and there are strong feeling about make of film that people will use for their B/W.

I am always keen to hear other ideas about processing – yet as I have never studied photography and this is a about capturing photographs of family, friends and travels and not ruining films in the process – I am keen to find the method that works more often than not with the film that can be pushed and pulled easily when lighting is not quite right.

So, if anyone who reads this has a ‘must do’ for developing or a film choice that works better than any other – please leave your comments.

It may be as simple as “always make sure you have the temperature right when developing” or a fool proof method for knowing when you can use you developer again and when to know it is used up.

At this point I am very much at the start of a self taught road to develop at home using a patterson tank and so any advice is always appreciated.

This picture was taken on my Mamiya MSX 1000 using the stock prime lens 1.8/55 with Fuji Acros 100 and developed at 20 degress for 9 mins in Ilfotec DD-X.

The time was calculated using the Ilford chart for this film type and I used ice in the sink to cool down the developer from the ambient cold water temperature of 24 in HK to 18, so that it would average at 20 for the developing time.

I used the developing method as directed by Ilford too and finished the film off using a Kodak wetting agent to avoid water lines.

Also, I have not pre-rinsed any of my films yet, as Ilford sites again suggest this will give uneven developing and not the opposite.

Posted by simon on October 26, 2010

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