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Kodak TMax 400

A couple of weekends ago I bought the wrong film by mistake – I wanted some Tri-X and asked for TMax like a dufus instead.

Not the end of the world I know as they are both 400 films – but TMax is finer grain and is supposed to be a tough one to develop compared to Tri-X.

As I have been have a world of problems with Ilford HP5 (the films develop with red tints to the photos and the contrast is just never enough) and so I imagined that TMax was also going to be a difficult one to develop. However, it seems as if the Kodak B/W films are much more straight forward.

Yesterday I developed two 35mm films in the same bath and pushed them both one stop (an extra two minutes in the developer) and got some great contrast and sharp grain.

The only problem is that they are so sharp that they look very slightly out of focus. Being new to this film and also new to my Canoscan 9000F – I am not sure if it is the sharp mask on the scanner or not that is causing this or my eye isn’t as good as I thought on the camera?

These pictures are from the Cemetery in Paris that is next to the hotel.ère_Lachaise_Cemetery


This is also where Jim Morrison is buried and so I have included a few photos to show how his grave is surrounded with barriers and people all of the time. Luckily the rest of the Cemetery is as quiet and serene as you would hope.

These were taken in the early morning with a bright but completely over cast sky.


Posted by simon on November 8, 2010

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