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Extended Range Redscale Film

This is the first of the 120 XR film from Lomography I have tried – mainly because their films tend to be really low quality – grainy and inconsistent from roll to roll.

This one however is an extended range film that can be shot at 200 to 50 ISO to give different results.

At 200 ISO is behaves like a normal Redscale Film and metered at 50 it is very cool and blue – more like a tungsten film to look at.

I shot a roll on my GW690II which because of the size of the negatives only takes 8 frames per roll at 6×9 – and metered the 8 shots at 25 ISO to see what level of blue you can get.

Unfortunately, the film didn’t seem to notice the metering as 6 out of 8 shots came out blue like this;

and this one taken at the end of the roll after the match had finished and I had returned home;

and the other two came out like a completely normal redscale film;

The red pictures have better contrast, whereas the blue ones are a little too dark.

As with all Lomo films, they come in packs of three and so I have more to try to see if the film can follow metering or if they are just ‘lucky dip’ films.

Posted by simon on November 10, 2010

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