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Holga CFN 120

Using my Holga last week in Sri Lanka for the first time in months; I remembered that out of all of the plastic cameras I have used; this one is by far and away my favourite for a number of reasons;

– Medium Format cameras generally give me better results than 135. I also like that I can change the film after 12 shots and change to something else, as 36 exposures can feel like too much in one sitting sometimes.

– Pick a bright sunny day and the camera will just perform for you without needing a carry a light meter. In fact it is an ideal travelling companion because it is light and there is really nothing to go wrong on it.

– The plastic lens gives you a beautiful natural vignetting that looks too heavy handed when done with manipulation software.

Unfortunately, I had a seriously busy week last week in Sri Lanka and very little time to think about photography and so the content of the pictures is dull beyond dull.

Here are a very few of the pictures, all taken on Tri-X for the day time and XP2 for the night shot and developed with Ilfotec DD-X to show some of the versatility of the Holga. It is also good to note that XP2 can be developed really easily in B/W chemistry (it is a C41 film) and there is little loss of grain.

Posted by simon on November 22, 2010

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