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HC-110 Test Film

After realising my mistake yesterday with HC-110; but at the same time a little thrown by the amount of conflicting recipies from users of the concentrate; I decided on a dilution and timing I would use on some Tri-X 400 to experiment.

On the way home from work I had to stop in Mong Kok to drop off a roll of E6 to be developed and so took the opportunity to take a film of the night scene and the massive amount of neon in the area.

Then at home I used the unofficial dilution H – which is 1:63 from concentrate and runs for double the time of B dilution.

There were a couple of reasons for doing this – by doubling the development time it takes you away from the worry of being to close to the 5 minute safety level of developing and it also since development time mostly affects contrast (more or less developement will make highlights denser or weaker) and I had shot night scenes with extremes of light and dark; I thought that a 10 minute development time would give me the best results.

Having said all of the above, it was a test film and a test of HC-110 with a recipie plucked out of the ether with a bit of logic applied and so I just gave it an hour or so to dry before scanning (I know this is no where near enough time) and got the following results.

These three images are indicative of the whole film. The images have not been altered on the computer, but the scanner settings are manual with the only change in the blacklight density set to low.

The images were taken with a Leica mini II with the flash turned off. This is a P&S from the 80’s and although it is a fully auto camera, it still takes amazing images.

Posted by simon on November 23, 2010

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