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Posts versus Readers

I didn’t realise this yesterday when I posted from Singapore that it was my 100th post on wordpress. If I had known then I would have tried a bit harder I think.

What never seems to make sense to me however is any sort of correlation between what I post and the traffic I get.

Take yesterday for instance – I posted a very average picture from the airport; as I was trying to kill time between flights; and yet today I have more readers than any other day, by more than double. Perhaps someone has very nicely recommended by blog (although if they have they are not using a link as wordpress tells me that sort of thing).

I guess it means that I really have no idea about who reads this and why – and so I will keep writing my own drivel and adding my own pictures and not worry to much about whether or not I have people reading me.

I can assume that most of the people who read this don’t know me personally though as I hardly ever have someone talk to me about something they have seen here, although Nathalie tells me that people talk to her about it.

So, here is a one for all my European readers – enjoy the weather!

Posted by simon on December 3, 2010
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  1. 12/3/2010

    Thank you for pic of Lola in the warm sun!!!! Minus 4 and freezing fog here–nice!!!!

  2. 12/4/2010

    you should use google analytics to track the geographic locations of your readers. i came across your photos on flickr, and i have been following your blog ever since. big fan of your posts.

  3. 12/12/2010

    I discovered your blog since 1 month.
    I found your pics really interesting, full of passion and sensibility.
    Big fan too 🙂
    So long|


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