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Development Time Test

All these shots were taken back to back over about a 2 min period using Tri-X 400. No settings were changed on the camera – but each picture was developed in a separate bath from 7 mins to 12 mins at a minute difference between each.

What is the biggest surprise is that 5 mins isn’t making as big a difference as I thought it should do on HC-110 dilution H.

I haven’t changed any lightness, levels, contrast on the pictures and they were all scanned in the same conditions and settings.

So what should I be developing at for the best image -perhaps 12 mins is not enough as the shadows don’t seem to be getting enough detail.

7 mins

8 mins

9 mins

10 mins

11 mins

12 mins

Posted by simon on December 7, 2010
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  1. 12/8/2010

    Great test, my only thinking is with dilution H 1:63, maybe 7-12 mins don’t really make a big difference, but maybe dilution B 1:31 will do. Don’t have clue, just share my thought !!

    • 12/8/2010

      I think you are right Teresa – 5 mins in H is only 2.5 in B. I think I need to push it further as I keep seeing people who have gone to 9 mins in B and use that as a standard timing. When I do the next test it’ll be using B though otherwise I will still be developing at Christmas….


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