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7 to 12 and beyond

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the images I posted last night and the lack of shadow difference between 7 & 12 minutes. So I have posted below a crop of the shadow area on the 7min and 12 min image to show the change that is there – although it is not as noticeable as I was expecting with 5 mins difference in developing time at Dilution H.

7 mins

12 mins

Brightening up the pictures in Photoshop does show the difference in contrast between the images and the ones below are from 12 mins and then 8 mins.

There is clearly less grey in the 12 min image from the stripes on the shirt to the black skulls on the chair.


12 mins

8 mins


My next tests are going to be starting at 12 mins and doing  intervals up to 17 or 19 mins to see the effect. I may also switch to B Dilution for this test to half the development time so that I don’t spend hours again like I did last night on this trial.

Reading about times and tests on HC-110 (or any developer for that matter) on the net remains painfully contradictory with many people having strong opinions but there being little in the way of a consensus of opinion.

What seems to be the general view however is that everything you do in your own development from the water source you use to the accuracy of your thermometer means that you really have to find your own protocol and follow it religiously every time to get the same results. There seems to be very divided views about using a Stop bath or just a water bath to sufficiently dilute development as to stop it.

Even though Ilfords Ilfotec DD-X was much simpler to use; I don’t  intend to go back to using Ilfotec because it is far to expensive an option.

{The simple maths is that Ilfotec DD-X comes in a 500ml container, is a one use developer and so at 1:4 makes 5 baths of 500ml per bath. At HK$ 300 per container this is HK$ 60 per development (normally two 35mm or one 120).

HC-110 comes in a smaller container of 473ml and at 1:63 and 500ml per bath this will make 60 lots. At HK$ 100 per bottle this is HK$ 1.7 per development. If I change to B Dilution obviously the developing cost is then double.}

And finally, I have to remember that Ansel Adams used HC-110 exclusively and developed his Zone System using this developer – so the stuff does work and it is up to me to learn how to make it work for me. If anyone reading this has experience of HC-110 that they want to share – please do leave a comment.



Posted by simon on December 8, 2010

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