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Water Stop – Part Two

My old Rolleiflex has been a bit sick recently and so it has been in the shop for a CLA and as soon as I picked it up I popped in a roll of Tri-X to check it out.

Luckily it was a bright day and so the fact that I didn’t have a light meter didn’t really cause a problem as I just used Sunny 16 as a guide – especially as I wanted to do two things with the film – check the camera was running ok and do a water stop trial again.

This time I extended the development time by diluting the HC-110 to 1:63 and took one minute off the time to allow for continued development whilst I was stopping with just cold water.

My earlier trials proved to me that I could get better grain by doing this and also agitating really, really gently at 4 times per minute.

The content of the test roll isn’t as interesting as the amazing clarity and sharpness from a 1951 camera and a medium format ISO 400 film.


Posted by simon on December 23, 2010

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