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Mac Book Woes

Rather than being able to add some jolly Christmas pictures and be able to do a post for the end of the year – I am left unable to use my mac book pro due to ‘hardware problems’ that is going to need to be fixed in the apple service center when I return to Hong Kong from Sri Lanka/Singapore on the 3rd Jan.

It seems quite ironic that this blog is all about moving away from a digital dependance back to film and relearning the old school tricks and techniques again – yet it lives quite clearly in the digital and virtual world where my negatives are first scanned and then shared on this and my other blog ( and so my dependance remains about the relaibility of a digital machine.

I did manage to add a couple of the picture I took on Christmas Day to my Tumblr blog – but due to the above issues they never made it to this site.

I will see if when I get to Singapore in a couple of days time, I can use my wifes old macbook (that we use for dvd’s for our daughter when travelling) to upload a New Year post using the Harinezumi – but if not, then please all have a great New Year and I sincerely hope that 2011 is a fantastic year for us all.

Categories: Film Cameras
Posted by simon on December 29, 2010

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