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Post Christmas in Sri Lanka

Between Christmas and New Year I had a few days in Sri Lanka at work and so these are a few of the images I captured.

Although I said a couple of posts ago that I was only going to do natural light photos and day time – a couple of these are night time shots using street furniture as impromptu tripods and 10 to 15 second exposures.

I love the first image of the Galle Road with the police man who didn’t move for the 15 seconds, whilst everything around him did. I actually don’t think he moved for the whole ten minutes or more that I was there setting up the shot.

I the stars around the lights are due to the shutter on the F2A having 9 blades and are peculiar to a few of the F series from Nikon.

I developed this in Ilfotec DD-X as the results I am getting from HC-110 are really inconsistent and generally underwhelming. I am about to move to using D76 as a solvent developer but before I do have to find a suitable container for the working solution from the powder that I can store safely in the flat.

This is about 200 yards further down the Gall Face Road, with the normal nocturnal sillyness happening on the Galle Face Green to the right of this picture. Again this was about a 15 second exposure at around f4 using a bollard to hold the camera still.

The fact that the people seem so sharp is because service in Sri Lanka is not fast and so waiting for an ice cream is a long process.

Another 200 yards further and you see an abandoned building that is fairly typical of Colombo with new builds sitting next door to historic 1800’s buildings and old shells. Colombo hopefully will retain some of it’s charm by keeping and restoring the older buildings and not tearing them down as the developers seem to do here in Hong Kong.

Finally, these two are more modern industrial shots in bright daylight using the same Tri-X 400 film as the night time shots. This shows why this film is the favourite for so many people as all 5 of these shots were on the same film and all developed at box speed in Ilfotec DD-X for 8 mins at 20 degrees.


Posted by simon on January 6, 2011

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