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TMax Developer on Tri-X 400

These are from the third developer I have used in the last few months and a big step up from the constantly disappointing HC-110.

As easy to prepare as any of the three that I use (Ilfotec DD-X being the other one) and faster development times at box speed if you follow the suggestions on the Massive Development Chart.

These pictures are from a film of Tri-X that I put through my Nikon F2A with the fast 50/1.2 lens and are inside with little direct light. They show what a great lens the f1.2 is and these were shot at f2 and 1/60th giving more DOF than when the lens is fully open.

I pushed the film slightly from the suggested 6 mins to 6:30 but then made the most elementary of mistakes by using my beaker of photo-flo instead of stop – and so these pictures are lucky to have survived.

I guess that it proves that rinsing off the developer to stop the process is all that you are doing and between water and an acid bath you are doing the same thing – it is just that one is like breaking slowly and comfortably and the acid bath is like an emergency stop.

So these pictures are Simone and Ian with their daughter Ava upstairs in Zuma during Sunday Brunch.


Posted by simon on January 12, 2011

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