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Film Vs Digital Vs Apps

Since this blog started; I haven’t spoken about other sites specifically; but a comment I read on line a few days ago has been eating away at me and I feel compelled to mention it.

The comment in question was a simple one in reply to a picture posted and it was “…..but an iPhone is not even a real camera”.

Now, although I tend to use film for 95% of the pictures I take these days – it doesn’t actually mean that I think that digital photography is wrong or not legitimate – as I do – and if someone offered me a 5D Mark II tomorrow I would take it.

A good image is a good image – irrespecive of the medium used and the same is true of a bad image.

Photoshop is a fantastic tool, yet a badly altered image is always going to suck.

I love photoshop and use it regularly to remove dust from scanned negatives and am always learning to do more complex manipulations through cloning and masking.

The iPhone comment wound me up specifically as I follow a photo blog by someone who goes by the moniker of Star Rush that is just iPhone 3GS images and are some of the best street photos I see posted across hundreds of sites. Below is one of her images.

I would hate this to become a site that quotes famous people to prove a point – but as a one off – this is from one of the worlds most famous street photographers;

Photography has not changed since its origin except in its technical aspects, which for me are not important. – Henri Cartier-Bresson

The above is one of my images using a 3G iPhone and manipulated using the Film Lab app and these days there are so many good apps that you really don’t need to rely on Hipstamatic or Instagram.

Try Vintage B&W or SwankoLab and take pictures with Camera+ to give you more choice with the fixed lens.

Remember that the more complex or more expensive your camera may be, it does not mean that you take a good photo.




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Posted by simon on January 14, 2011
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  1. 01/14/2011

    Good point! I love film, as you know, and it is how I take 100% of my images because I don’t have a digital camera or even a camera in my phone. But god, sometimes I wish I had something digital just to take pictures I needed right away, for blogs or uni or something.

    That street photo is breathtaking.


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