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Ektacolor Pro 160 – Nuevo & Mejorado!

That’s right – new & improved Ektacolor 160 in 120 and on the Kiev 60 with the Mir 65/3.5 lens.

Taken on a terribly bright day that had no direct sun whatsoever on the Galle Face Green in Colombo last Saturday.

This camera just doesn’t take a bad picture (and neither does it’s sister the Kiev 88).

The colours are great and exceptionally saturated and the highlights have been adjusted to bring in some detail as they were completely blown out to get the meter for the shadows on the images.

There are loads of of films still to be developed from last week and most of them are B/W and I really hope some of the images live up to my expectations.

These two are looking north and south from the pier showing the lack of swimming in the Ocean on a day that was probably about 28 degrees. This is really normal as the women will not get into a bikini and so stand in the Ocean in their dresses whilst husbands roll their trouser legs up and stand along side.

The next set are the pier itself and the mass of people who just come for a walk and a look at the Ocean.

And this guy sits here all day, every day, with his scales to read peoples weight for a few rupees. There are actually two or three of these guys in this stretch of the front – in case there is a rush of people all needing to know their weight at the same time.

Posted by simon on January 20, 2011

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