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Late Saturday Evening

As I was walking back to my hotel last Saturday and the sun was setting; I was befriended by this couple who could speak less english than my very basic sinhala – but it was very obvious that they wanted a picture by the way they were pointing at the Kiev I was carrying.

Unfortunately I had a T64 film loaded and no flash and so with poor available light and the sun setting behind me I fired off a couple of shots, with this being the brightest and probably the best as they are both smiling.

They didn’t seem phased that the camera had no image on the back as I guess they didn’t know about digitals and genuinely  were just happy about the process.

After 15 years of living in Asia it is easy to become jaded about the people who bother you on a daily basis for money but these few moments are great levellers as they remind you that sometimes all people want is to make a connection.

Posted by simon on January 21, 2011

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