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The Golden Triangle

(Not the drug smuggling one – but the shopping one.)

Going to Sri Lanka for a holiday is always great and within two weeks you get to do 90% of what the country has to offer.

You have a few days in the Capital, go to the Hill Country and the south to Galle and the surrounding beaches.

Doing this means you spend quite some time in cars/vans and enjoy the pleasant driving experience….and you also get to do the Golden Triangle of shopping in Colombo.

I first moved to Sri Lanka in 1997 and the triumvirate were already well established. Nearly a decade and a half later and the three options are still there and to quite a degree the same as they were; as if time had stood still.

The three are;

– Paradise Road (now with two stores and a restaurant – but still selling ostensibly the same as they always have and maintaining the worlds slowest service in their never changing restaurant).

– Barefoot on the Galle Road.

– Odels – this was once the premier clothing store, selling factory seconds and now has tripled in size and price whilst selling basically the same type of items. If this isn’t bucking market trends, then I am not sure what is.

Having sounded a little jaded about the Colombo experience – this is only because of familiarity as I have never met first time visitors to the Island who have not throughly enjoyed the experience as it is part of the country’s DNA.

Posted by simon on January 28, 2011

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