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Is this the end of Neopan 1600?

For the last few months there have been conflicting news from both Fuji and retailers worldwide about whether or not Neopan 1600 B/W film was being discontinued. It seems that irrespective of whether this is true or not, there is an enormous amount of this film available world wide. Mr Poon at my local store had 50 rolls when I went in on Friday and told me that even though it was being discontinued, they could easily get more. He also said that they sell so little of it that it won’t really make a big difference to them in the long run to them and they will keep getting Ilfords 3200.

Whilst this may be true to a retailer who is making more sales through digital than film; it is a shame to film users as the offering made by the manufacturers of film just keeps getting chipped away.

December 2010 saw the last of E4 processed film and now Neopan 1600 is stopped. It may be the niche films that are going – but do we really see a future where all you can get is Kodacolour Gold? That really would be a shame.

This film was my first Neopan 1600 using TMax Developer at 1:4 and 4.5 mins. As the time was so short I pushed it a little by using a water stop and agitated every 30 seconds to ensure even development. Even though I did this, the film came out very grainy on some frames and not in others – so next time will develop it in Ilfotex again where I get better results.


Posted by simon on January 31, 2011

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