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A Year in Review – Feb 2010

Last year in Feb I started back using film and have remained this way for 12 months now.

The journey back started at Chinese New Year last year when I saw a Diana plastic camera for the first time that a friend had and thought that buying a plastic camera would be a cheap and easy way to start using film again.

So instead of buying a Diana (and to this day still don’t have one for a whole lot of obvious reasons) I bought a Lubitel 166+ – which is a MF TLR with a plastic body and glass lens.

I had always wanted to start using medium format film and so this seemed a good camera to start with and although the WLF is not full size, it is a bright screen and with the magnifier can give you really sharp images.

Over the next two and a bit weeks I am going to review the year; a month at a time; with a few photos taken in that month, highlighting cameras I started to use and mistakes I hopefully learnt from.

So to start, these three images are from the first two or three rolls that I took in Mid February 2010; without a light meter and using the Lubitel 166+.

The first one has to be viewed by ignoring the light leaks. Had I managed to get this shot clean – then I think I would have had a great one of my daughter. As it is, it is a bit of history for me from my first film of MF film.



Posted by simon on February 4, 2011
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  1. 02/4/2011

    Lovely shots. I adore my Lubitel. Why don’t you like Dianas? I have a Holga as my cheap plastic but my GF has a Diana and it is great.

    • 02/8/2011

      It’s not that I don’t really like Dianas – but they just seem expensive duplications of Holgas. I know that the people at Lomo do the whole kit – but I don’t see people doing much but using the standard camera.


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