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A Year in Review – March 2010

Although we want to South Africa in February, the films were not processed until March 2010 when I returned to Hong Kong.

March images for me are from this trip and due to the fantastic light in SA, beginners luck with the camera and an amazing place to take photographs – these remain some of my favourite images from the last twelve months.

Again, taken with the Lubitel and using a range of film I was trying out, here are a small selection from that trip.

They may have been posted on various blogs before – but that really doesn’t matter for the purpose of a review.

The thing I loved the most about the pictures was the fact that I had to wait till I returned from SA to have them processed and by the time I saw them it felt like I was going back on holiday again and reliving the trip. This is not something I can say for the way I have been using digital for years now.

Towards the end of the month my need to try new ideas out drove me to dig out my wife’s old Leica Mini II and also to buy a P&S of my own – for which I chose the LC-A, as I could get a cheap water proof housing for the camera too.

This one is the Leica Mini II using crossed Provia and the second image is from the LC-A, also crossed.

Posted by simon on February 5, 2011

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