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A Year in Review – April 2010

By April my interest in film had become an obsession – and one where I had to try every film, process and camera I could lay my hands on.

Whilst in a camera shop in Central; getting a film or two processed; I spotted an old Rolleiflex covered in dust at the bottom of a cupboard. On asking if it was for sale, I was told that the shutter stuck but that the lens was clean and I could buy it for a song if I wanted it for parts. Being rather stupid I took the camera off their hands without knowing if it could be fixed or not and lucky for me the problem of the sticky shutter was just down to age and the lack of use of the camera.

For those that like the details – it is a 1951 Rolleiflex Auto F 3.5 and one year later still takes some of the best images I take.

This is the view from our flat and uses crossed Provia 400F.

Again using the Rolleiflex but with Redscale film – this is Clea our French Bulldog on our balcony.

The warm weather in HK also saw me using the waterproof housing on the LC-A as much as I could and in the second image, using a Golden Half plastic half frame camera.

The last couple are the LC-A with a film I pushed 2 stops (hence the obscene amount of grain)  and the SLR my wife has had since the 80’s – Minolta X300 with a 50mm prime.

Posted by simon on February 6, 2011

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