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A Year in Review – July 2010

On the 7th of the month we had our second child – Cassius Liev – captured here as he entered the world on my Mamiya SLR.

We did have a digital in the room too, in case something went wrong as you can’t ever miss capturing this moment.

The graininess comes from the lack of light and having to push the film but I love that effect and the slight blur from movement as he took his first breaths and screamed.

The rest of the month included other newness in the form of a massive 6×9 GW690II from Japan with it’s fixed lens and ability to make pictures look like paintings. This camera gives you 8 images per roll of 120 and the same aspect ratio as 35mm film – but the ability to blow the images up so much more without losing any sharpness.

Also new this month was a plastic lens Holga, which I rate above any of the other plastic cameras you can buy and a paper pinhole camera I made whilst my wife was in hospital after giving birth and trialed at home with 30 minute or more exposures.

Finally for the month of July is another image of the view from our flat – and this time with the Voigtlander and getting used to the 15mm Heliar.

Posted by simon on February 10, 2011

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