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A Year in Review – August 2010

August saw me move from trying out more cameras to learning what I could do with the ones I had a little more.

It helped that as well as the usual traveling this month, there were also things happening that I could look to document.

The first of these was a photo shoot that our daughter Lola was involved in for a friends kids clothing line and shot by her husband. As these guys are friends they let me come along with my Kiev 60 and shoot using the dark studio lighting and some fast film. I still to this point have shot very little with a flash and know that this is a skill I have to learn in 2011.

Lola was probably happy that she had a brother who could also be photographed now so that she didn’t get me putting a camera in her face as much as I had been doing. This one is from the GW690.

As I was trying out the cameras more and loving the Kiev 60 and the fantastic Mir and Volna lenses; I also tried some SFX200 with an R72 filter. At this point I had read comments on the net about rating the film at +4 – which is what I tried here and shooting in really bright daylight.

This shot is in Sri Lanka and the view from the front of the house we used to live in from 2003 to 2007. The IR effect is only partial as this is not a true IR film – but even so the image works – even if it is a little on the dark side.

And finally for the month, this one shows that carrying a camera with you at all times gets you some great images. This one was on the Mamiya MSX1000 which was in my bag every day through the whole summer.

Posted by simon on February 12, 2011

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