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A Year in Review – September 2010

September saw two new things – the first time Lola had ever been to Disney Land (there is a small one in HK – so it is really easy just to go for a few hours) and the Kiev 88 Hasselbladski.

This is not a small camera – probably slightly heavier than the Kiev 60 with a prism fitted – but using the same lenses that make the 60 such a great camera.

The first image is at the brunch where the characters come around and the second is on the Tea Cup ride using the Orange filter that I had fitted for B/W and a T64 film developed E6.

This month rates as one of my favourites when I look at the pictures I was getting and the next one has been all over my and other peoples blogs these past few months.

This version is as it came out of the camera, with the colour cast from the fluorescent lights and the work top in the kitchen.

This is after the Lantern Festival with Lola tired and ready for bed. The dirty mouth and face is from her having had a picnic at South Bay Beach for the Festival with school.

The above image the the next two were all taken with the same Mamiya MSX1000 and all using the same 50/1.8 prime. If I have learnt one thing this year – it is that I prefer a prime lens to zoom and generally the shorter the better.

The above one was taken on SFX200 with an R72 again and this time at +7. This is considerably more than the standard +4 that is generally used – but since this trial, I have not ever gone below +7 when using this film and filter setup.

The month also had me going to Paris for a trip with the Mamiya and the Voigtlander – this is the Town Hall on the Rue de Rivolli with the 15mm Heliar. I have cropped out some of the foreground on this image that was taken using Kodak’s C41 B/W film.

The last image of the month is the one that shows that this month was the end of summer – the rains started and the temperature started it’s slow climb downwards.


Posted by simon on February 14, 2011

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