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Rolleiflex Automat 6×6 – Model K4 / 50

I bought my Rolleiflex about 12 months ago and always assumed that it was a 3.5F – even if the odd checks I had done suggested otherwise because the pictures of the body just didn’t look exactly right.

I had been told by some people in Hong Kong that it was from the early 50’s and so finally double checked the Serial Number and found that it is in fact a K4/50 from probably 1951 (my serial number is 1.160.349 and so towards the end of the series).

The series was produced from October 1949 – May 1951 and apart from the one CLA I have had done recently it remains a great camera and works without fault. The camera came with three different lenses over the production period and mine has the Xenar 3.5/75 lens which is probably the least preferred of the options but I have never seen any issues with the glass.

For a camera that is 60 years old, the X sync for the flash works (although I don’t find myself using a flash with this camera out of choice) and the shutter works at all speeds from B to 1/500th.

I guess what I am trying to say about the Rolleiflex series of TLR’s is that the date of manufacture is really anecdotal with these cameras as they seem to be based on the same construction standards throughout the years of manufacture and they remain the one camera that I don’t ever hear people complaining about.

Mine still comes with me on my travels and so these images are from a recent trip to what has unfortunately become my second home again.

These were first thing in the morning as people travelled to work, using E100VS crossed.

Posted by simon on March 2, 2011

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