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If you haven’t seen the film “Exit Through the Gift Shop” than I would suggest that you should do this now.

The film recently got more press as Banksy was nominated for a Oscar for this film in the Documentary category and everyone was chattering about how the anonymous artist could accept an Oscar and remain unknown. The fact that he couldn’t and that he is staunchly anti-establishment are probably reasons why the film didn’t win.

Suffice to say, the film is about another artist called Thierry Guetta who documented the growth of street art from his cousin – Space Invader – through to Shepard Fairey aka Obey in LA and finally to an attempt to document a period of Banksy’s life.

Thierry proved to be completely inadequate at producing a film and so the documentary goes onto show how he re-invents himself as Mr Brain Wash and becomes an overnight sensation in the exploding area of Street Art.

Watching the film reminded me that last May when I was in NYC, Shepard Fairey was posting massive paste up Obey pieces across the city and one of which was next door to the Ace Hotel in Herald Square.

Although this piece was on temporary board, I have recently seen pictures of the posters that have survived and have been added to with stencils, paste ups and tags to make them even more dimensional.

Here for now is a picture from my Kiev 60 of one of the styles of the poster in it’s almost untouched form.


Posted by simon on March 10, 2011
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  1. 03/10/2011

    Hi Simon,
    Beautiful pictures and the reason why I am writing here is beacause I dont have the possibility to email you. I am also sceptic of the Lomo people and a lot of their stuff is not even well made. This Sprocket Rocket really made me think twice. Finally they made a thing that is ok.

    If you want one I can send it to you. I have two and I got a reazonable price for it as well…..

    • 03/10/2011

      have sent you a mail too with my address etc and would love the camera just to give it a go. after seeing your images it has made me interested in it


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