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Sunday Evenings

What do you do on Sunday evenings?

TV, Cinema, the pub for an end of the weekend drink or two?

I love a sunday evening as it generally means I have had a good weekend and spent the sunday together as a family, enjoying improving weather.

I really dislike Sunday evenings like tonight though – as i’m doing my regular flight to Sri Lanka to spend the week there away from Hong Kong.

The pictures I have posted in the past make the place appear more interesting than it actually is – work is fine, in fact the change of my role in the business makes it really fun – but the price of this is a week ripped away from family and life goes on hold for another week.

This weekend was the final of our rugby league – with us taking the silver wear home and a night of drinking vast amounts of beer whilst singling terrible songs. Unfortunately this means I didn’t spend as much quality time at home as I should have done – but as this is the final game for the season, we now have the whole summer to enjoy ahead of us without weekend disruptions (something I know my wife is happy about).

So here’s hoping you are all having a great Sunday evening and not letting the impending week spoil it for you.

Posted by simon on March 13, 2011

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