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Delta 3200

Since Fuji announced the end of their Neopan 1600 film I have found myself doing two things – stockpiling film on our fridge and trying to find an alternative fast B/W film.

The first real attempt to find a film had me using Ilford Delta 3200 – which isn’t a 3200 ISO film but has a true ISO of between 1000 and 1250.

I have only seriously trialed a couple of films through the same camera with the same ISO 1000 set on the camera and used it in various high and low light conditions and have found the grain to be much bigger than Neopan 1600 apart from really high contrast situations.

It feels like a pushed medium speed film and not a fast film (although I suppose ISO 1000 isn’t actually that fast).

The methodology for developing is to use the figures for 3200 for developing times when you run it at 1000 on the camera and to use a developer like Ilfotec DD-X or TMax to get shadow detail.

These two were low light condition (the hotel bathroom last week in Sri Lanka) and are as much an exercise in depth of field as film testing. Both were with f1.4 with the focal change from the mirror in the door to the mirror in front.


Posted by simon on March 21, 2011

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