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Hong Kong 7’s

The 7’s start tonight and go on for the weekend with the finals on Sunday afternoon.

Friday are the first round games for all teams and generally this is a casual start for the spectators – a few beers and actually watching some game.

Saturday however is very different as this is when a large portion of the crowd dress up in ridiculous costumes and cram into the South Stand where they drink and socialise and watch very little rugby.

Last year I took my camera into the South Stand and managed to come home with three films that had various exposure levels from dark to black and three films that had gone through the camera (as they had been rewound into the canister) but were completely blank.

Out of over 200 possible exposures I have less then a dozen that are reasonable – so this year I’m expecting to do much better than this. I have been struggling with which camera or cameras to take as my costume this year will allow me to hide some cameras and film under the baby I will be carrying (and not a real baby).

Last year I took an LC-A into the fray and the underwater housing (which proved to be superfluous) and so this year am thinking that a better war camera may well be the Voigtlander Bessa L with the Heliar lens to catch more of the light and more of the action in the stand.

This is probably one of the better ones from last year (using cross processed Velvia 100) and so next week I hope that I can at least have some pictures to choose from.

Once more into the breach…

Posted by simon on March 25, 2011

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