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Friday at the 7’s

The 7’s is all about preparation, costumes, cameras, and of course some rugby.

The weekend starts on the Friday night with the first 10 games of the tournament and a few beers; before Saturday – which is the big day for costumes in the South Stand and then Sunday – recovery day and the finals in the evening.

Overall this meant two film cameras and 10 films of B/W Tri X, Kodak 400VC and Fuji Pro 400H.

Compared to last year, my hit rate was significantly higher as my level of beer intake was much lower. That being said the images do blend into one another with 360 having been taken and so I am only posting a small collection that paints for me the picture that is the 7’s weekend and specifically the South Stand experience.

Whilst the final rolls are developed, here are a couple from the Friday night, specifically one taken by the chap stood behind us of my friend Gary and I and then one of the man himself.

Suffice to say I don’t often let myself get into a picture and much less often do I hand over a fully manual camera to a man who couldn’t even remember his own name (hence the bizarre hand movement which was me getting ready to catch my camera).

Posted by simon on March 28, 2011

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