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Saturday in the South Stand

Saturday is all about the South Stand and dressing up and trying to remain standing up long enough to go to the tents by the ground after the games and then if you are still managing to stay up  right – a pub in either LKF or if you want to scrape the bottom of the barrel even more, then Wan Chai.

The games start at 10:30am on the Saturday and the stand opens at 8am and fills well before the first game starts. From this point on you are stuck in the stand, like prisoners on Alcatraz – surrounded by security and 12 foot fences to keep you in one place.

We managed to find our way into the stand before 9am to get a group of seats for the Black Swans (which included my wife) and various other associated groups of friends dressed as Mexican Wrestlers, Milk Maids etc.

Here are a small selection of the criminals we went with or surrounded us for the day – all taken on the Voigtlander with 15mm Heliar I managed to keep with me and not drop for the whole weekend.


Posted by simon on March 30, 2011

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