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Sunday Sevens

Like the weather, everyone was feeling a little overcast and damp by Sunday afternoon in time for the semis and finals of the Shield, Plate, Bowl and Cup of the competition.

If you have never seen a 7’s or 10’s competition – then the fact that losing all your games in your pool means that you still get a chance to walk away from the tournament with silverware may seem a little strange – but with four teams per pool, there is a final for each of the four positions, with of course the Cup for the team that comes top in their group and then wins their semi and the grand Final.

This year was an England New Zealand final with the kiwis being (unfortunately) the far better side and so they finish this 7’s weekend at the top of the league table with a couple of tournaments left to play.

The photos below are mild compared to the human wreckage that sounds you in the South Stand and are also taken in dark and raining conditions.

The B/W pictures are taken on my Nikon F2A with a 50/1.2 using Tri-X 400 pushed to 3200 on the camera and then developed in TMax Developer for 10 mins. I think next time I will push the development another couple of minutes as most of the film is just too dark to post.

The chap in the next photo isn’t in a fight (this isn’t a football match you know); but was unable to stand upright and kept falling over the chairs.

Without wanting to be a vulture, I stood with my camera at the ready waiting for him to take a more spectacular fall – but this is the best I managed as his handlers were obviously quite trained at catching him.

On a final note, National Geographic were filming the weekend and came to our house on Saturday morning to film the girls getting ready as the Black Swans. The program is expected to air later in the year and so when it does I will put a shout out on the blog for anyone who wants to see a bunch of adults behaving like children for the weekend.

Posted by simon on March 31, 2011

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