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Forgetting Filters

As I am taking more B/W than colour across all cameras these days, it was no big surprise that I managed to put a film of colour through my Nikon with the filter on the front and get very orange pictures without noticing till I was taking the film out of the camera.

The last time I did this was as a deliberate test using T64 (very blue) film on my Kiev 88 and resulted in one of my favourite  sets of 12 pictures from last year of Lola on her first trip to Disney in Hong Kong.

This picture and the rest of the film differ from the film I put through the Nikon in that they all have bright lighting behind Lola and so you end up with stunning orange flare that is slightly subdued by the blue tungsten film.

The pictures from the F2A were taken in less ideal lighting conditions and so the ones with some decent light have come out as orange with stunning tones – but the dim lighting on the others leaves them a little grainy and dull looking.

Had I managed to remember to remove the filter, I think I would have some great pictures of Lola concentrating on Dibo the Gift Dragon on the TV behind me.

This one is from the same film and is when there is better light from the window and so is much richer in tone.

Posted by simon on April 6, 2011

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