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Film and Family

So this is really a film blog that also has family in it; although I do realize that it has recently become more personal than film.

Having spent time last year writing articles about my Return to Film ,  Taking Black and White Pictures, Film Cameras, Development and many other specific topics; I am not going to go the way of many monthly photography magazines by writing the same article under a different title but will look to start incorporating some new subjects that are more techy than just family.

This will start as soon as Grizzly Bear sends me the adapter for my Kiev 88 and the Zodiak 30mm lens as I cannot wait to get this massive MF full frame lens a try.

By my rough calculations this would be a 7mm lens on a full frame 35mm camera.

I am also planning an article about buying second hand film cameras on both ebay and my experiences in Hong Kong – as I think these are relevant to anyone that is just thinking of delving into the past and especially as there are a number of tricks to using ebay.

Lens Baby will also get some time on this blog later in the year when I get adapters to fit these onto probably my Nikon F2A as will some other modifications I have planned to some old bodies I have now accumulated and don’t work any more.

As for films – there is an issue that the number of available films is reducing year by year with last year seeing the end of E4 processing and also the demise of Fuji Neopan 1600.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t have a choice any more as there are plenty of films available and it was only yesterday that I found some Lucky B/W 120 with an expiry date of 2012 in Hong Kong for the first time – which suggests that Lucky are back manufacturing this emulsion again.

So stick with me in 2011 as after a trip to Sydney next week there will be more articles about the reasons why you should put that digital away and get out the film cameras and connect to what surrounds you again.

Posted by simon on April 19, 2011
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  1. 04/19/2011

    The Lucky film is allright, I got some decent results of it usin yellow filter and exposing it as 400. The Zodiac looks awesome and I think I also will get one. May I ask what you payed for it???.

    • 04/19/2011

      I always use an orange filter with B/W apart from on my heliar lens where you can’t fit one so will when I give the Lucky film a go this week. Did it come out reaaly grainy when you pushed it two stops?

      The Zodiak allows you to put filters in the back of the lens as the front is so large. You can get these on ebay from a couple of reputable sellers and they are always somewhere between $250 and $300. The way they fix onto the camera is not so simple though and so it may even be worth going to Arax again and getting one from them that will fit your Kiev 60 as they will know what will fit the camera they sold to you.

      My lens has a screw fitting that works on the old 1000F Hassleblad and not a bayonet fitting like I have on my 60 or 88. The size of the bayonet on the 60 is slightly different to the 88 and so when I finally receive the adapter I am going to have to see if I have to use the Zodiak on one or the other camera – or get a file out and make some modifications.

  2. 04/19/2011

    It didn´t come out that grainy, even though I expected it to be that way. I have a post in B&W made with the Holga and a yellow filter where I pushed the film two stops. Here is a link to the picture:


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