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Lucky SHD 100 Has a Certain Look…

Everyone says that SHD100 has a certain look and after the first trial film in 35mm I thought it probably wasn’t too bad a film that had very little Anti-Halation layer and was prone to grain.

Then I put two films through the Kiev 60 and found the 120 is a completely different film.

Not only does it have no Anti-Halation layer at all as can be seen on the first photo with the numbers on the backing paper showing on the film from the reflection – but it is so much more grainy than the 35mm that it becomes almost unusable.

These were shot at 100 ISO and perhaps a trial at 200 ISO will render a better shot – but after seeing the way these come out and the fact that on drying, the film tries to curl like a pigs tail – I am not sure that the additional films are going to get to go anywhere near a camera in the near future.

Posted by simon on April 24, 2011
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  1. 04/24/2011
    Darko Bojanic

    I think you should go for 400. The curling problem made me come to a decision to avoid this film. The reflection is really heavy but can be cool sometimes. This film has a reliability of 20%. I agree it makes better results on 135mm in 120 it can have grains as big as beans…


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