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Kiev 60 Woes

It’s been about a year since I first got my Kiev 60 from ebay and during this time it has been used around the world on about 50 films.

During the last year however the shutter broke and the mirror timing has also been knocked and so it has twice been out of commission whilst I tried to find someone who would even try and fix it.

Hong Kong is full of great technicians – but show them a Kiev and they won’t touch it apart from one place; that will at a price.

The latest problem with the mirror timing had me looking at alternative cameras and for the first time ever I looked at the Pentacon Six.

One of the things I love about the Kiev 60 is the choice of WLF and Prism (and if you are lucky a meter on your prism that works) – and the WLF choice on the Pentacon seemed awfully small and dark. I know you can get a TTL prism on the Pentacon Six but they seem uncommon on any I have seen here.

I have a Kiev 88, but think of this and the Hassleblad type of camera as fundamentally different beasts from the Kiev 60 because of the removable back.

I am not sure what other choices there are if you are looking for a one piece 6×6 SLR and not a 6×7 like the stunning Pentax 67 – but think that the lens choices that you get with the Kiev family make this camera exceedingly special.

Perhaps Arax is going to be the only choice I end up with if I want a reliable 60 – as the last two test films I put through the camera came out with 15 exposures on one film (all of the leader was full of images and there was a little overlap on each frame) and 12 on the other.

And now that I seem to have fixed the Zodiak 30/3.5 permanently to my Kiev 88 body, the health and welfare of my 60 is more important than before; if I want to continue to use my Mir and Volna/Arsat lenses.

It may get many people stopping and laughing at me as I pull the massive 60 from my bag – but they don’t laugh when they see the quality of image possible from one of the best MF SLR cameras still available.

Posted by simon on May 2, 2011
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  1. 05/2/2011

    I ordered mine from Hartblei and it is only 180 dollars. I really don´t know the difference with Arax and them but this works fine, maybe I will tell other in 6 months or a year but the Hartblei company is cheaper. If the camera breaks down well at least I didn´t spent a fortune on it.

  2. 05/2/2011

    It has even a PV90 TTL prism viewfinder that is worth a lot when out there with this monster camera.


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