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Zen and the Art of Film Photography

This article started with me writing about Colour 200 Lucky film I picked up in Beijing last year and so I just wanted to test the film out for the purpose of writing about it.

I shot a whole film off on the roof of the building where I work just to have something to post.

After writing the article whilst on a plane last night to Sri Lanka; I realised I have been falling into the trap that stopped me taking photos before – I was treating film as if I was using a digital and just shooting off pictures without thinking about what I was doing and also without caring about what the image meant.

Pictures for the sake of it.

And so today I have deleted the article before I published it and fell into the same ‘digital trap’ that I was in before.

Instead of writing a bad article about a poor film that none of us should be using (unless there is nothing else around for you to use) – this is a reminder of why I choose film today instead of chasing the latest digital dream.

It’s not about the current fad of using film and it’s certainly not to appear cool – I am old enough to know that my window for that finished a long time ago.

It is to enjoy a process that allows me to capture my family.

It is to capture memories whilst also participating in them.

It is to constantly learn.

It is to constantly share.

It is also to enjoy my ‘inner geek’ and this is possible with manual film equipment where you can take it apart with some hope of making it work again – not something I could do with any of the digital machines.

Everyone has their own reasons to use film when we all know that Digital makes our life simpler.

For me I think that if you continue to simplify a process, you risk losing what makes that process interesting.

I love that everyone has a camera now whether it is digital, film, plastic or any other option.

And most of all I love that when I travel, that I can look back at images of my family and friends that make me smile.

Posted by simon on May 9, 2011
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  1. 05/10/2011

    well said! — it really is all about the process. and about documenting your life and the things around you. enjoy this post and the rest of your blog.

  2. 05/16/2011

    Well said Simon!!! I know the feeling all the way. I am sitting here away from my family and are thinking the same toughts.


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