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Golden Half

I am not the biggest fan of a plastic camera, (even though I did start taking film again only because I bought a Lubitel).

The plastic cameras I don’t favour are those that just don’t work very well – the Wide Little Angel is a good example of this, as is of course the hound of all cameras – the Spinner.

So, having said the above, it is slightly wrong of me to sing the praises of the Golden Half without good reason – and my reason is three and a half years old and goes by the name of Lola.

When I have a camera in my hands; Lola often will want to have one too and this is where the Golden Half comes in.

Practically indestructible, half frame for double the usage per film, one button to press and that’s about it.

When the camera comes out, Lola and I tend to share the little blue box and so we get half of the images that are black (as Lola is still not quite managing to hold the camera without tucking her little finger into the center of the lens) and half of Lola that I take for her.

As the camera takes 72 images and the usage is sporadic to say the least – it was fun to get the latest film back this week with some pictures from Chinese New Year at Hullet House in TST, on a sunny day in crossed E100VS.

I would guess that for every film that is developed, there are less than 15 images out of the possible 72 – but the ones that come out are fantastic for such a simple blue box.

Posted by simon on May 17, 2011
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  1. 05/17/2011

    I did the same thing with Thea, I gave her the Golden Half that has been on a shelf for some time. She had the same problem and couldn´t keep the finger from the lens. We tryed to use the fisheye but it was easyer for her to use the Golden Half because of it´s size and also the winding is easyer. Thea has about 30 exposures left and is using it at the kindergarten, so soon and if she doesn´t open it or finds out why I taped it up it will be interesting seeing her results.

    • 05/17/2011

      Thea must have stronger fingers than Lola as she couldn’t open the back up even if she wanted to.
      I love to develop the films though as there are always odd gems

  2. 05/17/2011

    I call Thea the little Houdini. When she was 2 years and sitting in her own child seat in the car while driving down to my relatives in Croatia, she hi jacked the lock and suddenly she was standing there in between the seats and laughing. She is better now when I can communicate with her and tell her it is dangerous and that the police will take her from us hahaha.


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