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Nicole & Martins’ Sydney Wedding

I didn’t post any of the pictures I took of Nicole and Martins’ wedding in Sydney before now, as I only gave them the files at the weekend when they stopped in Hong Kong on their way back to Zurich, and thought that to post before they saw them was rude.

Thankfully they had a pro at the wedding taking photographs and so mine could be as candid as I could make them, completely unstructured and hopefully portrayed what a fantastic day we had with them. Also most importantly it meant that Lisa could pose the couple and family for her shots as I took mine around the groups.

Yes it rained, yes it was overcast and no, it didn’t matter.

I used my Voigtlander R2A with Nokton 40/1.4 on Tri-X, pushed on the camera to 800 and then developed in TMax Developer.

I have tried different times for Tri-X at 400 and 800 and find that 6 minutes on 400 works and anything up to 8 minutes on 800 won’t make any real difference.

The noticeable difference of running at 800 on the camera is that you can shoot in darker conditions and you always get a more contrasty image.

These are a very select few of my favourites (especially the out of focus one).

Posted by simon on May 22, 2011

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